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Karcer started by autumn of 1982 in  Slupsk  and played its first rehearsal in the local culture community centre. There were times of red winds in Poland so since the very beginning the band was under caring eyes of territorial secret service. KARCER started as Krzysztof Żeromski, Piotrek Dudziński, Jarek Jodłowski.

They stepped on the stage on 8th January 1983 with two songs during local qualifying contest for Polish Youth Song Competition, which normally had been entered only by red scout bands singing about camping in the forest, groups of 10 year-old- girls in red skirts or sailor suits with songs about how exciting it was to sail in the see. KARCER was then quite a damn surprise so when their lyrics with words like “constant fear”, “they follow you”,etc got the audience and guys from local secret service crew (everybody knew them – it is still a small town...) the manager of that cultural centre just stood red in fever... The funniest thing about it was that KARCER was very close to win the contest (people loved it as there was already quite respective number of fans) – the condition was to change lyrics. That was not possible. Three months later the song was permitted to perform as it got a stamp from the Local Censorship Authorities (see pic). Then KARCER wandered here and there warming people in Ustka (winter 83), Miastko (first gig with WC).

In April 1983 KARCER got changed and started some research in other fields of music (cold wave trial, quite successful). Year 1984 brought another shape of KARCER, the one that thrilled Jarocin in 1985. The four was: Krzysztof Zeromski (guitar, voc, texts, music) Dariusz Lewandowski (vocal & front man), Dariusz Elwert (bas), Wojciech Soboń (drums). KARCER with its freedom of behaviour astonished not only natives in that small village (!) where the band was accommodated, but also almost 30 000 people in audience and punk rock gurus. Nobody was prepared for that. But it happens. They finished in The Golden Ten of the Jarocin festival one year later. Since then KARCER played almost over the whole country, either in small students clubs, or other big alternative festivals like RÓBREGE. After one of those, KARCER was promised by one of the 3 existing public record companies to record their first album. Obviously the boys of four were cheated.

Since 1987 KARCER started playing as a trio, then they got a new drummer (Paweł Wirkus). Next change was new bassist, Adam Lao. In 1990 Karcer was: Krzysztof Żeromski (guitar, voc, etc.), Adam Lao (bas), Tomasz Fangrat (drums), Przemek Brosz (guitar). That year they showed up with new tape album “Turning to Dust” in Warsaw ROBREGE festival.

In 1991 in Modern Studio (Gdynia) KARCER recorded their first album, released by Arston. The same week they made for Switzerland  tour. Few months later a new album-tape appeared (“Karcer The Best” by Kaszana Factory).

KARCER reduced its number againg to three and then got silent for long time and spread across Europe. In London Panic Studio the material for new album was prepared, and in 1997, eventually “Wschód Jest Pełen Słońca (East is Full of Sun)  was released by ROCK’N’ROLLER (Szczecin). (Krzysztof Żeromski, Adam Lao, Henryk Kubała).

A couple of years later Daniel Łukasik joined the band for drums.

After successful years of heroic work, in 2002 December, KARCER and its late-thirties-boys showed up  with new album “Nic Nikomu O Niczym (Nothing To Nobody About Nothing).

In 2007 KARCER celebrated its 25th anniversary. Next to exciting gig they presented the album “Anarchiva” with songs that had been issued as demo tapes or never recorded at all. Second guitar played by Robert Robson Jankowski, then (from 2010) Robert "Broda" Kowalczyk.


2012 is the time when the band shall celebrate their 3oth anniversary.

2014  the group releases new album HEREZJE.

2017 new album BABEL

2019 Karcer again as a trio, in January bas handed over to Masksym.

KARCER  Krzysztof Żeromski -git.,voc.,    Daniel Łukasik  -  drums,    Maksym Kędzierski- bas


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